The site will become a gallery & store, but until then, If you would like to inquire about purchasing the rights to anything I have created, or you absolutely must have a World Tortoise print, that can happily be arranged. Please use the contact form to get in touch.


Possible ideas for collaboration... Any public/municipal murals, fashion designers (featured on T-Shirts television or movie dialogue ideas(try it), Art for cannabis entrepreneurs, ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS/IDEAS. Help with forming ideas or strategies. Iron sharpens iron.


A sarcastic angel healing religious divides by pointing out commonality and using logic in a playful, sarcastic tone. Beginnings can be viewed here.


Open to everything, but attached to nothing.

I have more ideas than I could hope to accomplish and little resources.  Hence, any Art Gram Concept is for sale.  By the end of 2019, the following concepts will be up and running:


More Art Gram Concepts

Convenience and ease of use are becoming more creative...  Planned to be a news aggregator site, similar to Drudge Report, but with a twist...,,, (also .info .org and  After, this will be first, because the domains will initially be used for the release of the book XNs (Transitions) on 6/27/19. The idea is to have the domains paired, clicks on links to x-xn pages intermittently go to y-xn pages and vice versa.  These will be sites associated with the trans movement.  The goal will be to heal family divisions and lower suicide rates. I would like to offer both .info and .org domain pairs to (almost) any non-profit. Just ask. I would also like to give the domains and to anyone helping to provide meals that would like to use them.

At least 20 more...


Public displays

Some examples of municipal art...