What is 4FG.me

Well, it's nice of you to ask, but why should my preference dictate yours? 4FG.me is 5 letters in total (or 7 if you feel frisky) and it even rhymes.  We don't like unnecessary boundaries and there is no good reason to limit or control each others' PREFERENCES.  You are welcome to choose for yourself.  Use your imagination. There are a lot of great possibilities. We'll even suggest a few...

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It can be interpreted in at least two ways. You can make it static, or go by your mood.  Imaginary punctuation is, of course, optional.

4 Fun, God?  4 Fair Gain?  4 Forever Good? For Faith, God? For Freedom & Good?

For Free & For Fun, God is my 4FG.me. What will yours be?

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What is it really? What is 4FG.me?

It is an unstoppable force for positive change in the world - in its infancy.  Currently, it is an Imaginarium, a portal for meaningful collaboration, and an unusual blog. The main object of 4FG.me is to create harmony by bringing error in the gated institutional narrative into the light of higher truth.  The amount of arbitrary judgment and stigma that have been institutionalized by confusing common preference with virtue is strangling our world.  We'll see...

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If you are working on any project that will heal divisions and create harmony, we would like to help. We can not help in terms of resources YET, but creativity and positivity are free IN ABUNDANCE.  If you need a slogan, a larger advertising message, or meaningful art (not your homework), just ask.  We have ideas for days, a whole lot of sales and marketing experience, and ironclad rules on confidentiality.  If your endeavor is for profit (fair gain), we will help you for free and for fun, but if a value is created... and it will be, we will accept payment on the honor system. If you know of or are an angel investor, we need one.  Any paths to resources you can provide will be used wisely.


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