The Art Gram


The letters contained in one phrase were removed from that of another, then rearranged.  The Art Gram was born. I was beginning to experience what can best be described as sustained intuition and it was the first virtual space I created.


The Art Gram was created in the Summer of 2018


The first vehicle was a patreon page that was used to display art and ideas. It has been deleted. We've had a few disagreements, but The Art Gram currently has a happy home on FaceBook.


To Help. To Heal. To Love. To Give. Because I cannot live otherwise.

A Path Less Traveled

(Forgive the 3rd person- at some point this will need to be in that tone) One morning, a little over one year ago, the creator of The Art Gram woke with only The Liberating Prayer in his head.  The verses were clear and distinct.  Within one week, he had another spiritual experience of the white light variety, which set him on a path of steady, earnest seeking through both contemplative Christianity and ancient shamanic rites. The path has been treacherous at times, but his focus of intention has not waivered.

For over a year, I have woken up, and gone to sleep thinking about the nature of God and goodness and contemplating ways to help US. ALL OF US.  I have very little social interaction with the world, which has been of great benefit. Simplify, simplify, simplify is valuable advice, and has allowed me to increase focus and efficacy on the things I CHOOSE to care about.  The book transitions will detail this process, but any honest question related to growing/waking up will always be answered sincerely.  Right now, it's just me, but I have a clear vision and zero quit.  The goal will be to grow this community exponentially, creating a portfolio of sites with provocative, but fair and honest content designed to serve as vehicles for an honest, open discussion on power and privilege.

For anyone who is currently in the process of waking up, I will gift you  my time, compassion, and experience.

I feel the need to disclose that, while some Zen practices can seem condescending, they are entirely too much fun to be excluded entirely. While I will not commit to never answering a question with a question, I vow to never do so flippantly.  I used to dislike this practice, but I have grown to appreciate it.  If the response you receive is in the form of a question, know that it comes from a place of genuine desire to serve.  In contrast, "gotcha" inquiries will be met with a sidestep that seems to defy linear logic, a disapproving scowl, and quite possibly a finger wag.

Over the last year, I have noticed that people act out of a fear of consequence much more than a desire to help others.  Since experiencing a form of voluntary marginalization by several powerful businesses and institutions, my eyes have been opened to many very subtle, but very harmful mechanisms at play.  The disgusting policies, attitudes, and practices I have encountered while desiring nothing, but to be ALLOWED to help and to be treated fairly while occupying a space devoid of any conventional form of influence or power have been eye opening, to say the least.  It has been a fascinating case study for the existence or nonexistence of stigma and privilege, and an illustration of the utter vacuum of openness, in the face of mounting hubris.  Sadly, I have found example after example of predatory company policies that victimize entire classes of the dispossessed, and a sort of fragility on the part of the generationally privileged that, once understood, seems to appear everywhere, hidden in plain sight.  The key to moving forward is in somehow facilitating direct experience of diverse perspectives.

I do not want to create divisions; I want to help heal them.  I want to affect change, not vandalize.  If I do not see an at least equally likely chance that my actions will produce a net positive of total value in the world, I do not act.  Even when in the right, I don’t see value in taking action to penalize the bad actor, unless I can see a DIRECT path to positive change.  You will see plenty of examples of things I have considered but opted to forego.  I am compassionate and fair, so destroying value out of vengeance is unappealing.  I see zero benefit in holding grudges, but when someone clearly shows you their malevolent intent, by their actions, it is ok to believe them and act accordingly.   I reserve judgment as long as possible, and give extra credit for charitable and virtuous action - even when clearly done with CYA motive.

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